Fiji Travel Guide: Beaches

Fiji beaches are as appealing as any other famous beaches in the world. Since the country is situated in the tropical regions, it already has everything what beach-bound tourists exactly have in mind like warm and clear waters, colorful coral reef, and the wide diversity of fish inhabitants.

Situated in the heart of the world’s biggest ocean, Fiji’s 300 islands have attracted thousands of visitors each year from its sandy white beaches to volcanic black beaches. Some of the most frequently visited white sand beaches are located on the main islands. Those with the finest of white sand are often found in the more remote smaller islands surrounded by coral reefs.

Yasawa Islands

The area is rich in natural attractions and is located in Fiji’s Western Division. It is an ideal place for snorkeling and diving and a favorite destination for backpackers. It is known for its rugged terrain as evidence of several volcanic formations remains. Famous for having one of the whitest sand in the world, the area actually consists of four regions; each has its own share of high peaks, jagged rocks, and deep blue waters.

Best Tips for People


Almost all resorts you will visit in Fiji offers Fijian and Indian dishes, but there are also other world-class dishes from all around the world offered. World-renowned chiefs for their dishes have consulted the best resorts in Fiji.

Be careful of some small resorts. Some small resorts may look great, but there have been reviews of food not being to the highest quality.

Seafood in Fiji is the best, and there are plenty of restaurants in Fiji with world-class seafood menus. If you get the opportunity to go fishing and catch some fish, then get one of the locals to cook the fish you caught afterward. Fijian fresh fish cooking is mouthwatering; they know the secrets to cook fresh seafood.


The culture in Fiji is very relaxing and in the moment. There are some Islands and resorts where opportunity is available to stay with local villagers.

During your stay, you will be able to learn local cooking, learn some native language. live the living style first hand, learn to make Fijian native products, and much more.

Pricing of things:

During your stay, you will find most things sold within resort areas very expensive. The bottled waters and food can burn away at your wallet.

However, if know the area a little, drive down to the local shops, or mall, and pick up household things to cut your expenses back. If you get the chance to stay on an Island resort than most likely prices are going to be sky high.

On the mainland of Nadi and Suva, you can find prices much cheaper than the resort Island prices.


Fiji offers both land-based activities and water-based activities, however, water-based activities are what will leave the most amazing memories for your visit.

Fiji is said to be “king” of water-based activities. It has an international reputation for diving, surfing and game fishing.

Almost all resorts you traveling offer most sea-based activities, However, there are few resorts and Islands that are perfectly situated for the best diving experience, best surf and game fishing. These Islands and resorts have the most exotic coral life, landscape, gorgeous white sandy beaches with blue clear waters and great professionals to assist you.