How Long Does Microblading Last?


The greatest benefit of microblading is the long duration the results will last. You will enjoy natural-looking, fuller brows for as long as 2 years.

Naturally, your eyebrows will thin as you age. It is also possible that the hairs you pluck periodically will not grow back and as a result, your eyebrows will grow thinner.

Microblading is a sure way to counter the effects of aging and the natural thinning of your eyebrows. Though the results are semi-permanent, the results can stay for up to 2 years or less depending on your skin and age, among other factors.

Here are Ways You can Make Microblading Results Last Longer

Follow the Right Aftercare Instructions

The microblading artist will advise you to follow these aftercare tips to sustain microblading gains for longer:

  • Do not get your eyebrows wet for the first 10 days after your treatment.
  • Avoid eyebrow makeup 7 days after your treatment. If you apply makeup on your brows before full recovery, it will interfere with the healing process.
  • Avoid picking at tugs, scabs or itch on the eyebrow region
  • Use the right cream or balm that will be provided or prescribed by your microblader
  • Do not swim, use the sauna or engage in activities that will make you sweat excessively during recovery

Avoid Overexposure to Sunlight During Your Recovery Period

Exposure to sunlight may interfere with microblading results b making the brow pigment fade faster. To avoid this, you should avoid exposing your eyebrows to direct sunlight for at least 4 weeks.

If you must go out in the sun, wear a good hut that will shield your eyebrows from the sun’s rays.

Do not Miss your Follow Up Appointments

After microblading, the artist will ask you to get back to the spa so that he can check if you are recovering well. He will also carry on some touchups on the brows that did not get adequate pigment on the first application.

After this first appointment, the microblading artist will advise you to come for periodic touchups after every few months. This way, you will maintain your look for up to 2 years.

A microblading touchup will take a shorter time which means you can still get time to take care of other important issues. If you had very few eyebrows, you may need more than one touch up appointment to get the shape that you want.

Basically, microblading touchup appointments involve adding more pigment to your eyebrow outline.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water before and after microblading will help in maintaining the health of your skin. It will also help in your recovery as most of the body processes rely on water. You wouldn’t want to have beautiful eyebrows and dry skin as a result of not drinking enough water.

Take Healthy Foods

Your recovery after microblading will be fast or slow depending on your diet. If you take foods that are rich in zinc, omega 3, vitamins, and proteins, among others, you’ll recover faster compared to a person that feeds on junk.

If you are not getting sufficient nutrients from food, you can take some supplements to compensate for the deficit.

Are there Factors that Can Reduce Microblading Results?

There are certain factors, some that you have control over and others that happen naturally that could lower the effectiveness of microblading. For instance, if you fail to follow the instructions outlined above, you’ll most likely lose the gains in no time.

Your nutrition, hydration level, and your ability to follow the right aftercare instructions will determine your results. If you are not sure about the safety of what you are about to do after your treatment, talk to your artist.

You cannot afford to invest your thousands of dollars on microblading, only to lose the gains in no time.

Here are some factors beyond your control that affects how long your microblading results will last:

  • Your age: if you are more advanced in age, your skin will have a lower pigment retention ability compared to a younger person.
  • Nature of your skin: if your skin is oilier, the pigment on your eyebrows will fade faster compared to a person with dry or less oily skin.
  • Hormonal issues: if you suffer from conditions such as hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance among others, your microblading results may be shorter.
  • Your health: if you suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, it may interfere with the effectiveness of the process.
  • Stress levels: stress will not only put your health at risk but will also affect the results of microblading. It is important to find a way to manage your stress levels before and after your microblading treatment

How Long Can Microblading Results Last Without Touchup?

The truth is, a touchup after microblading will aid in solidifying the new shape of your brows and make the results last longer.

Now, what happens if you fail to go for a touchup due to lack of funds or you simply don’t feel like it?

Well, the most definite answer is that you’ll shorten the duration that your microblading results will last. You will notice a significant loss in the eyebrows pigment 2 to 6 months after your treatment. Again, this will depend on other factors such as the nature of your skin and your ability to follow the aftercare instructions

If you consider the gains you will get from your touchup, you cannot afford to miss it for anything. You will save on the cost of eye makeup, reduce the time you will be spending on makeup, and have beautiful-looking brows for at least 2 years.

If you really want to sustain the gains of the money you spent on microblading, you cannot afford to miss your touchup appointments. You will notice a significant improvement in how your brows look every time you go for touchup. To make it even better, you will not spend as much time as you spent on your first appointment when going for touchups.

Microblading will make all the difference in how your eyebrows look which makes it a worthy investment. You should, however, ensure that you get a professional and experienced microblading artist to get the results that you want.